Meet the group


Pancake or Pan for short is my cat and I created her design to express her straight facial expression. She sometimes looks like she's judging you and she probably is.

Bumble Leaf

A soft and introverted hybrid bumble bee that was born with Monstera Adansonii wings. He still manages to fly normally despite the holes in his wings!


Ginkgo is named after the maidenhair tree, Ginkgo Biloba. She is the youngest of the group and the chattiest! She loves to bird watch and accompany plants like her pal Pip.


Pip is a plant called Pilea peperomioides. He is a very sleepy boi and will nap everywhere he is! (and drools) Pip loves water mists and a nice breeze.


Dill is named after the annual herb, Dill. He loves to show his appreciate to his friends and likes to hang around weeds. Dandlions are his favorite.